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Classical Belly Dance is a style that was representative of the Golden Age of belly dance from the 1930's through the early 1990's.  Although the dance has evolved throughout time, it is the essence of this style that is at the core of the classical form. It is elegant, feminine, joyful, expressive, powerful and pure; a form also deeply rooted in improvisation.  It is synergistic connecting the dancer with the music and the audiences, with the past and the present.


Noora teaches the Serena technique which helps the student understand the basics of belly dance by breaking it down with a specific vocabulary and body positions.  Known for her attention to detail and nuance and with over 25 years’ experience in Classical Belly dance and performing; she has extensive training and experience in various styles within the Egyptian classical, modern and folkloric styles, as well as Turkish and Greek.  Understanding the culture and music are two of very important aspects in belly dance.  Noora begins training the student in the early stages with her knowledge of Middle Eastern music as well as the history of the dance from the earliest periods up to the present.  Her rich experience as a performer and master teacher gives her the expertise to bring you to a refined level.  She pays close attention to her students whether in a group or one on one, all of which make her classes very dynamic, rewarding and fun!  Below are the areas of focus. 

Noora and Noora Dance Theater is also available for parties, festivities, fund raisers, education and celebrations.  Emails us for a quote and details

For Private or Semi Private classes she will tailor specifically to your needs with detailed attention given in all of the following areas:

  • In depth technique 

  • Anatomy of a belly dancer

  • Improvisation

  • Choreography

  • Musicality

  • Performance coaching

  • Props

  • History of belly dance

  • Mentoring

  • Showmanship

  • Costuming and more

 This is taught at the home studio or at Champion studios in Manhattan! For rates on private, semi-private, workshops & series specials email me! Privates and semi privates classes must be completed within the month, class policy below.


WHY COACHING?  Besides working with a professional with over 30 years of experience, what is the value of one on one coaching?
  • You will work efficiently addressing any issue(s) right away.
  • You decide what you would like to work on or need help with and avoid long classes or topics that don’t apply to you.
  • You get specific attention in a variety of areas such as technique, body alignment, emotion, musicality, theory, showmanship and history and more!
WEEKLY CLASSES start a class in your area with a minimum of 8 students or more.  6 week course (either beginner, intermediate or advance levels) will meet once a week for one hour.  Email me for rates.  Course offers the fundamentals in Classical Belly dance.  Please wear comfortable stretch wear, hip scarves are available for sale.  Currently teaching weekly classes at Champion Studios details

MONTHLY~ THE MAGIC OF IMPROV WORKSHOPS are monthly workshops with focus on technique, choreography and with special attention given to improvisation; for advance beginners, intermediate & advance students.  Whether Egyptian, Turkish or Greek, Noora's style of teaching is nurturing and precise, helping students to develop inner confidence, break old habits and create beautiful new ones~  

STUDENT NIGHTS with NOORA~ These are dance opportunities for the student to get experience dancing in an a restaurant or other locale.  You can dance to live music when provided or a CD.  Preparation to participate in this event is very important.  You will need to prepare a song 5 minutes or less and work on a choreography or improvisation and can do so in semi private or private class with Noora.  The session will also include lots of very important information about dancing in a small or large public venues.  You can also video yourself and study your performance for improvement! Check the News & Event pages for upcoming shows.

CLASSES FOR SCHOOLS & ORGANIZATIONS ~ Looking for a unique dance program for your students?  Try our 8 weeks program or let me create a dance program & schedule that works best for your students!  Please contact me to arrange one and for rates

Belly Dance Troupe ~ Let us bring a creative, spectacular & fun show to your celebration.  NOORA DANCE BELLY DANCE TROUPE THE DESERT DIVAS is available for cultural productions and events!  You will enjoy and be transported to another culture for a unique show that includes authentic choreography, music and costumesStudents interested in participating in any of our productions must be attending regular classes with Noora. 

PHOTO POSING COACH- with over 25 years experience in front of the camera in print work as well as dance photography, Noora is qualified to give you the best coaching in this area.   A favorite for representing belly dance throughout the years, she has appeared in the NY Times, several magazines & publications and continues to book print ads today~ 

BEFORE YOU DO A SHOW~ As a student of belly dance or any dance for that matter it is a natural progression to want to perform, and of course that is what we aim for.  But many times we jump at an opportunity even if it isn’t right for us or we accept to do a show without preparing properly and that leads to frustration and stress.  Please start with good habits and give yourselves enough time to learn a choreography piece or a structured improvisation.  A good artist takes time to work and polish her craft before going on the stage!  Make the time to get the proper & right coaching for your number; one or two lessons are usually not enough!  Make sure you have selected music that is appropriate for your level and something that you are comfortable with, and finally make sure your costume is right for your body and suitable for the number.  A costume enhances your dance; it does not become your dance!  Whoever you decide to study with or go for coaching please respect their policies and remember to book in advance, reschedule or cancel a lesson in time.  See class policy below.



If you are late for a lesson the time will start at the time the appointment was set and the complete rate applies.  Please make your appointment at least 1 week in advance and if you need to reschedule please do so at least 24 hours prior otherwise the complete rate applies as well. 

Deposits are required before all semi-privates, private and workshops. You can make a non refundable deposit of $40 via paypal or venmo the balance to be paid in cash.   Privates and semi privates classes must be completed within the six weeks. 

If you need to reschedule to another date, please do so 48 hours in advance.  Although there is flexibility in the scheduling, please keep the changes to a minimum and stick to one day of the week for your session.

ALL purchases & deposits for any class card, private, semi or workshops are final and non refundable.  Class cards are to be used within a six week period with no transfers or exchanges.  Thank you for your attention & respect regarding this policy~