Review of Noora's style of teaching on YELP:

I attended Noora's Intro to Improv Workshop. It was incredibly fun! She explained the things to which we need to pay attention to improvise well. Also, she explained how to play to the different types of music. Her teaching is very clear and easy to understand. I felt a little nervous at the beginning, but thanks to Noora's step-by-step teaching, I truly enjoyed performing a short improvisation in front of the other students at the end of the workshop! Thank you for the wonderful workshop! And thank you for the beautiful gift book, too! KYOMI
I began taking classes at Serena Studios in the middle of October. Upon entering Noora's beginner class, I realized that there was no other teacher I wanted to study belly dance with. Noora is a highly skilled and knowledgeable instructor that mixes the basic techniques of belly dance with fun and exciting choreography. Not only does Noora help you blossom as a belly dancer, she truly highlights the importance of understanding the music you are dancing to. One of the most commendable attributes Noora possesses as teacher is that she actually teaches and gives corrections. My biggest fear in a dance class is thinking I am doing the correct moves, when I am really doing nothing close to it. In Noora's class, she is always keeping a watchful eye on your movements and giving suggestions on how to improve. At the beginning of my belly dance journey, my shimmies were a nightmare, and were pretty much non-existent. Through practice with Noora (3 minute songs with shimmies ) I can safely say there are some nice shimmies going on with my hips!
One exciting experience I had with Noora was taking part in her Desert Divas troupe, where I was actually able to dance in real restaurants. The choreography was unique and beautiful, and challenged me to push myself as a belly dancer. Noora used her own skills and background to show us how to transform into performers and I felt very confident when I performed.

I am eternally grateful to Noora for the months I spent with her, and I only wish I could continue taking her class even here in California! If you are considering belly dance, Noora is 100% the way to go. You will have fun, learn the dance, and make great friendships along the way! TARANEH DAGHIGHIAN

Noora is an amazing teacher and dancer. I’ve taken her classes and improv workshops. She gives her students a firm foundation in the elements of oriental dance, stressing careful listening to the music. From there she builds a short choreography in class that becomes a true education in movement, musicality, and expressiveness. One of the biggest gifts I’ve received from Noora’s instruction is understanding the importance of details, of nuanced responses to the music. You can see it in her own dancing, which is truly an inspiration. Dina Gerasia

For the last year and a half, Noora was my belly dance teacher at Serena Studios. I am grateful for her instruction because she is a comprehensive teacher who instructs with a multitude of belly dance elements beyond movements, combinations and choreographies to include history, stories from her personal experiences, musicality, posture, performance, stage presence and costuming. Noora's beginner class provides a solid foundation in Serena's basic body positions, simple combinations and an introduction to belly dance in general. Her intermediate class gives students the opportunity to learn more advanced movements, create more complex combinations and learn intricacies of the art of belly dance. I enjoyed dancing in the 9th Ave Food Festival for two years in a row along with N oora's students and other belly dancers in Serena's Studio. What was really exciting and memorable was my time as a member of the Desert Divas troupe! I feel privileged and honored to have been able to experience performance in NYC with the beautiful and talented Desert Divas! Not only were Noora's choreographies unique and talented, but as troupe members we got exposure to the process of belly dance performance from beginning to end! Beautiful friendships were also made as a result. Overall I am grateful to Noora for being a persistent and dedicated belly dance teacher who pays attention to detail and strives to ensure that you are dancing at your fullest potential. I have grown as a dancer and had a lot of fun along the way! :) SOFIA NOBOA

Julie "Farida" Farin said:
Participating in Noora's Belly Dance Troupe, DESERT DIVAS, was a great experience for me. As a belly dance student, it is important for me to learn how to perform at a variety of different venues and events -- such as a theater stage, a restaurant, a wedding, etc. Each comes with its unique set of challenges. Noora taught us the nuances -- how to select music, how to maximize the use of space, how to engage the audience, etc. I learned a lot about the differences performing with a group, in a duo, and as a soloist. It was an education -- and a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next gig! Thank you, again, Noora, for choosing me to be in your Desert Divas I am honored!  2/3/16

Your class on Sundays is so great! I loved your class. I enjoyed the
movements you teach and how you emphasized that the most important thing is expressing the music and tempo. I could tell your class is structured around that, and that you have endless experience to learn from. Also how you taught me the correct dance stepping. I learned a lot! See you soon Noora XO Marie Karla Van Rijs Jan 21, 2016

In my criteria, you have everything, the right body, the right musicality, and excellent technique. You are sensual without being too sexual, and very elegant! Katia Faris Jan 2009

Noora is the queen of bringing the Golden Era of belly dance into this modern lifetime. With Noora, I’ve learned the profound beauty within the subtlety of movement. She teaches that less is more, and challenges you to dance not only with your body but also with your eyes, heart, and soul. Kelvia 2014

DIVAS of the GOLDEN AGE II 2013- I wanted to share this feedback from one of my students in the audience last night. Noora Dance if you ever needed further validation for your endeavor, add this to the pile: Tava Naiyin  

"OMG! I need help! Tava I am HOOKED to youtube and clips of all the Divas that were featured in the program. I'm over the moon that I was able to show my support last night. What a beautiful way to educate us by taking it back to the "Golden Age". The program flyer alone was a world of information. Beginner or not everyone should see the Divas!"  Rosie 2013

Enjoyed seeing Nisreen Dance, Kaitlin Hines, and many others in Noora Dance's Golden Age Divas show! Great job ladies-- it was inspiring to see dancers of all levels working with the essence of dancers of yesteryear. Ranya Renee  2013

What a wonderful show last night.  Loved the theme and the dancers.  Really happy to see the Jamal twins being honored. Roberta 2013

The show was beautiful and very educational. I am sure the dancers themselves also learned a lot in the process. You are doing unique and very needed work of keeping the tradition and history alive and remembered. Thank you! Our dance community needs it and I am so happy to support!  Irina Bellyrina

I really enjoyed seeing the ravishing dancers in Noora's Divas of The Golden Age 2. They were breathtaking, and ravishing! The music, costuming and exquisite dancing came together to create a perfect show just long enough that we wanted more! Bravo to everyone involved and especially Noora! Buddy you out did yourself! Bellisima!!!  Zenaide Zeina 2013



Hi Noora -

I wanted to let you know that your workshop series -- the 5 Parts of a Show -- was by far the best professional belly dance instruction I have ever received.  You gave me a comprehensive overview of classical belly dance -- technique, music, transitions, showmanship, costuming, interacting with a live audience, etc. -- that is fundamental to my learning and understanding of the essentials that go into creating a live belly dance performance.  

I liked how you dissected each part of the show, including choosing music for each segment and working with live musicians; the intention/reasoning behind each part of the show, which tells an overall story; the different moods conveyed through the transitions from segment to segment; how audience participation is key to a successful performance, etc.  I also enjoyed how you interjected anecdotes from your own professional dance career, which provided me with useful background information and made the dance come alive.

I also wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your classes on Sundays at Serena Studios.  It would be great if you could teach a similar workshop series there; I think it would be very beneficial to the Beginner 2 students.
Best regards, Julie Farin ("Farida")

I had a private lesson today with Noora.  What a true gem she is! Her interpretation of the music, she's just captivating! I'll never forget this day. I danced with a legend!  Irma Serrano - 3-26-13

My great Experience with Noora  Hi! I just wanted to tell you that i taught my belly dance 2 class a lot of the technique we worked on last wk! WOW they had relaxed big hip shimmies, we worked with lifted chests and bent knee's! So much improvement from them and they were so happy to get all this information! Just wanted to let u know how much I appreciate you and your teaching! I found the Baladi!   Adrian Whalen- Aug 7 2012

Love Your Workshops -Hi Noora, I've taken 3 of your workshops and I love them because they are very specific and address all the things I need help with. Look forward to many more workshops from you. ViviMar Val- 3/30/12

I have really enjoyed all of Noora's workshops. They are very informative and structured.She makes a great Coach,Instructor,Teacher and Mentor, her workshops and classes help to mold and shape her students like myself for success.  Cheryl Blair June 3, 2012

I have taken many of Noora's workshops and it has taken me to the next level in my dance!Especially the latest photo/posing workshop! Take it from me, a lot goes into taking a good picture! Whether it be for promotion, networking or just plain old fun. I highly recommend these workshops from a gifted teacher and mentor with such vast and varied experience! It makes a difference! Almaz 6/4/12

Those little things- Noora picks up on those little things that make a big difference in one's technique. Whether it's a slight tilt of the head or using toe-ball-heel to step, she is able to pin-point it out and take you from a mediocre dancer to a sensational dancer! She is the epitome of gracefulness mixed with a hint sauciness that brings forth a bold, sensuous and never dull routine!  Bryanna  3/29/12

Noora’s workshops- Noora's workshops are great for every level dancer. She works on the core foundation and structure of dance through technique. She then applies these fundamentals to Arabic dancing. This adds professionalism and gracefulness to the dance.  The workshops are interactive, and a non-stop fun learning experience. Noora encourages you to take the dance above and beyond.  Leiley 11/10/11

I highly recommend Noora's workshops! They are creative and not your regular cookie cutter type that is out there. She offers a high energy, fluid and professional choreography that fits any level and style. This is a must for every dancer, from enhancing technique to exceptional performance skills. You will walk away a better dancer, as I certainly have! Almaz 11/11/11

I really enjoyed Noora's workshop in October. It was my first time taking class with her. I have no regrets being one of her students. She is talented!!Her bellydancing skills are very professionals and focus on small details. I recommend noora to any bellydancer. Yandaliz  11/12/11

 Best Dance Coaching!  Noora offers private lessons in a variety of techniques and styles. Whether you're looking for a brush up in Egyptian, Turkish or Mediterranean style, or a personalized choreography, she can offer you pointed guidance and a great dance combo - all in her home studio for a great price. In the nearly 3 years I've been taking private lessons with Noora, my performance skills and technique have evolved tenfold! I highly recommend studying with her!  Kaitlin 11/10/11-